Hold My Spot In Line

Wait in Your Room, Not Ours


We know your time is valuable and an unexpected illness or injury is not scheduled into your day. For your convenience, you can now select ‘Hold My Spot’ on our website, so you and your family can wait at home or wherever you are most comfortable.


How to ‘Hold My Spot In Line’

  • Visit our Locations page, select the location most convenient to you and click ‘Hold My Spot in Line’
  • Enter the patient’s information
    • Patient first and last name
    • Patient date of birth
    • Parent/Guardian cell phone number
  • Check the box ‘Send me text message notifications’ to receive forms and updates about your visit.
  • Click ‘GET IN LINE’

What Happens Next?

  • You will receive a few text messages to the phone number provided:
    • The first message will provide a link to complete your patient registration forms. Please complete all 5 forms.
    • The second message will provide a link to notify the clinic of your arrival in the parking lot. It is important to let us know when you arrive in the parking lot, if you do not receive this message, please call the clinic location upon arrival.
    • You will receive messages notifying you of your place in line until you are prompted to come in to the clinic.

Please call the clinic when you arrive if your child is experiencing: 

  • Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction)
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fever (any degrees) in an infant less than 2 months old
  • Fever above 104.5 degrees
  • Laceration or severe cut with bleeding
  • Severe Pain
  • Testicle pain or swelling

Urgent or Emergent? 

Even healthy kids get hurt or sick sometimes. Different problems require different levels of care. How do you decide what is urgent versus emergent?

Click here to determine if your child’s illness or injury is emergent or urgent.