All About Pediatric Urgent Care

Staffed by board-certified pediatricians, we treat children from newborns through age 21, and we work closely with your child’s physician to ensure appropriate follow-up care. Your child’s doctor always receives a full report the same day as your visit!

Open every day, including holidays! No appointment necessary!

Pediatric Urgent Care FAQs


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What is pediatric urgent care?


Urgent care is a quicker and less expensive alternative to the ER. Pediatric urgent care is an urgent care center that treats children ONLY.  Children’s Hospital Urgent Care sees all patients up to 21 years of age.


Before visiting an urgent care, make sure to call and verify that they treat patients in your child’s age range.

When should I take my child to urgent care vs. ER?


Choosing urgent care or the emergency room depends on the severity of the injury or illness, and whether it’s life-threatening.


Urgent care centers do not treat life-threatening illnesses – these conditions need to be treated in the ER immediately. Urgent care centers can treat almost any other non-life-threatening condition, including:

  • Pneumonia
  • Flu
  • Pink eye
  • Sprains & strains
  • Injuries that need stitches
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Stomach problems
  • Poison ivy
  • Minor burns
  • UTIs
  • And more!

Where is the closest urgent care to me?


With urgent medical issues, time counts. Look for an urgent care within 5-10 miles if possible. Children’s Hospital Urgent Care is located at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital West Campus on Westland Drive at Pellissippi Parkway. Visit our children’s walk-in clinic for all of your pediatric urgent care needs. No appointment necessary!


View our Locations page for directions and hours.

Can urgent care prescribe medication for my child?


Pediatric urgent care centers can prescribe medication when needed, though it’s always best to have your child’s pediatrician prescribe long-term medications and treatments.

Can urgent care diagnose pneumonia and other illnesses?


Many pediatric urgent care centers have diagnostic and lab testing capabilities, but not all of them do. If you think your child needs diagnostic services, check the urgent care website to see what they offer.


Children’s Hospital Urgent Care has a laboratory and diagnostic technology in-house. We can perform blood work, scans, and other tests on-site. View our full list of services here.

What urgent care services are available for my child?


Pediatric urgent care centers typically have the same services as adult urgent cares. This can include treatments for common injuries, illnesses, and conditions; diagnostic services; and home care and follow up information.

Can urgent care do stitches?


Pediatric urgent care can stitch up minor injuries.


If your child is bleeding profusely, or if the bleeding will not stop, immediately take them to the ER.

Can urgent care do blood tests?


Many children’s urgent care centers can do blood work on-site. However, some do send it off-site for testing. Children’s Hospital Urgent Care is equipped with an in-house laboratory for blood testing.

Can urgent care do physicals?


We do not preform physicals at Children’s Hospital Urgent Care. Please visit your child’s pediatrician for physicals.

Can urgent care do an MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, etc.?


Some pediatric urgent care centers have diagnostic technologies in-house. Children’s Hospital Urgent Care has an x-ray machine.

Can urgent care write a doctor’s note?


If your child is seen at our facilities, we can provide a doctor’s note or excuse of absence upon request. Call your urgent care center to see whether they will provide a doctor’s note for your child.

Can urgent care give IVs?


Yes, urgent care centers are equipped to provide IV fluids as needed. If your child is severely dehydrated or cannot eat or drink, immediately take them to the emergency room.

Which urgent care is best for my child?


The best urgent care for your child depends on the severity of their condition, location, services, and insurance acceptance.


If your child needs treatment fast, the closest urgent care is likely the best. (If your child needs treatment IMMEDIATELY, take them to the emergency room right away.) If you have time to research urgent care near you, find one that takes your insurance and offers the services you need. If you know that your pediatrician works with a particular urgent care, that location may be best for your child.

Do I need to make an appointment for pediatric urgent care?


Most urgent care centers do not require an appointment and do take walk-ins. However, this may vary by location.


All of our services are offered on a walk-in basis. We do not accept appointments.

Are children’s urgent care centers open 24/7?


Some pediatric urgent cares are open 24/7. Urgent care hours vary greatly by location, so check online or by phone before visiting.


Children’s Hospital Urgent Care is open every day of the year.


We are open Monday through Friday 5 p.m. to midnight. Saturday and Sunday 2 p.m. to midnight. 

Are pediatric urgent care centers open on holidays?


Holiday hours vary greatly between urgent cares. Children’s Hospital Urgent Care is open every holiday.


If the holiday is on a weekday, we are open 5 p.m. to midnight. If the holiday falls on a weekend, we are open 2 p.m. to midnight.

Will urgent care provide follow-up care with my child’s pediatrician?


Due to the sensitivity of children’s medical care, most pediatric urgent care centers will follow up with your pediatrician. If you’re not sure, call the clinic ahead of time.


Children’s Hospital Urgent Care sends a report of the visit to your child’s physician on the same day. So when you make a follow-up appointment with your child’s doctor, a copy of the care received at Children’s Hospital Urgent Carewill already be there for the doctor to review.

Will urgent care take my child’s insurance?


Accepted insurances vary between urgent cares. Children’s Hospital Urgent Care accepts most major insurances. View our accepted insurances here.


If your insurance company is not listed here, we are not under contract with them. However, you may still bring your child here for care on a fee-for-service (self-pay) basis. If you have any questions, please contact our office for assistance.

What types of payment does urgent care accept?


Payment types will vary between urgent care centers. Check your urgent care’s website or call ahead to learn about their payment options.


For your convenience, Children’s Hospital Urgent Care accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, personal checks and cash. At the time of your visit, you will be expected to pay co-pays, deductibles and payment for any services not covered by your insurance. We also see patients on a self-pay or fee basis.

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